Pombagira's 5th album Maleficia Lamiah
Pombagira have emerged from having not played one show with this absolute masterpiece. Maleficia Lamiah, their 5th album in nearly as many years, evokes the late 60s and early 70s exploration by pioneers such as Pink Floyd, Caravan, Amon Duul 2, downtunes it and pulls it kicking and screaming into the new millenium.

Adventurous, utterly spell binding while being totally focussed in its determination to not comply too contemporary sensibilities, Pombagira have forged from the earth, air, water and fire Maleficia Lamiah. Rather than falling into obscurity by keeping with an obvious style Pombagira have sidestepped the doom tag, annihilated any drone association, trampled on any stoner association and formed a new down tuned psychedelic-rock style. And therefore the band make no apologies to the length or the journey the listener must undertake to become fully engrossed by their endeavours. Indeed this could be regarded as a specific request to those, not faint of heart, to surrender time to step onto Pombagira's dirt track. What can be assured is that it will be well worth the effort.

Alongside the stupendous nature of the release, the band have started to work with noted photographer Vic Singh, who not only did the front cover photo for Pink Floyd's Piper at the Gates of Dawn but worked with the Beatles for both film and photography.

Release date will be 18th March 2013.

You are invited to listen to the title track 'Maleficia Lamiah' from Pombagira's latest album:


Maleficia Lamiah Press Statement
Band: Pombagira
Title: Maleficia Lamiah
Label: Black Axis Records www.blackaxisrec.co.uk
Catalogue number: 005.

Release date: March 2013.

Pombagira have emerged from the gloom with their most profoundly epic album to date MALEFICIA LAMIAH.

Maleficia Lamiah: Double Album: comes with three extra tracks across 2x 12" on marble yellow and black vinyl.

Vinyl is gatefold using the heaviest card known to man.

Track List for vinyl:
1) Maleficia Lamiah
2) Grave Cardinal
3) Gift to Transgress
4) Black Sun White Light
5) Take Her Anytime (cover song)

CD: Comes with Track 1 Maleficia Lamiah and Track 2 Grave Cardinal.

Comprising two songs 'Maleficia Lamiah' and 'Grave Cardinal', their fifth album in as many years pushes the very boundaries of experimental, psychedelic, down-tuned, mind-expanding music. The album was recorded in June 2012 at Foel Studio and then finished at their favourite recording haunt Earthworks in Sept 2012. Maleficia Lamiah illustrates the band as possessing a paisley ebullient mood, ready to take on the world.

No longer being sharply defined as a doom band, Maleficia Lamiah reflects a certain maturity which comes from Pombagira's intent on concentrating solely on composition rather than playing live shows. While their retreat into silence, although missed by many, may have initiated whispers of disbandment, Pombagira have steadied their intent to unleash something so monstrous and so exciting, that many will be surprised if not shocked when they hear this new tome.

Although the departure from previous releases will be evident, there are of course the anchor points to ease the listener into their new epic corpse-scape style. Amps rage and soar with a focussed endeavour to draw the crossroads onto your flesh while the drums breathe a new life, reviving the Haitian cascading rhythms which nail the point for your ingress into their world.

Pombagira have drawn on their deep respect for the past. By acknowledging their influence to bands like Amon Duul II, Pink Floyd and Caravan this album stands as a testament to their ability to embody and innovate these past masters. For embedded within both 'Maleficia Lamiah' and 'Grave Cardinal' there rest tales of journeys into the world of the Pombagira as witch, while 'Grave Cardinal' restates their critical mass as a moment of transgression where the dead meet the living. But this is no Hammer House of Horror 'cheap trick' reference, rather a reflection on Pombagira's involvement with the occult, academic writing on history and otherness, while also providing insight into the hypnogogic world where dreams and reality merge.

Resplendent in its intent, vibrant in its intensity, beautiful in its introspection, Pombagira may this time have really found the portal between the visible and invisible worlds. A magnificent psychedelic down tuned progressive behemoth Maleficia Lamiah will after due process expand your mind. Pombagira's fifth album deserves to be acknowledged as one of the greatest progressive feats in the last decade or more. As a result the band don't promise an easy ride through their paisley tinged sound scape, but one which when aboard you will never be able to depart from again.


'Maleficia Lamiah'
Limited Edition Vinyl Album
UK, Europe & Rest of the World

'Maleficia Lamiah'
CD Release
UK, Europe & Rest of the World

'Maleficia Lamiah'
UK, Europe & Rest of the World

'Iconoclast Dream'
CD Release
UK, Europe & Rest of the World

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